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A Time for Giving Thanks.

I can’t believe how many people wrinkle their noses when I ask if they like this time of year; if they are looking forward to Christmas? “Not really,” they shrug. How sad that we have this opportunity for a mid-winter celebration and yet so many, like me, would rather not be facing it at all.

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Do one thing today

Do One Thing Today

It’s simpler than you may think. As I sat down to mediate this morning I felt heavy,  achey and a bit down.  I was aware of the part of me that wants to give up because it’s all too hard,  that sometimes wants a different life.  She doesn’t want to have to keep doing the

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Another Way Is Possible

There’s One Big Reason the 1,000’s of Reasons Don’t Work.

Apparently creating a blog title with Top Ten or some other numbered list is the best way to get your blog posts noticed and read.  Many of these lists provide us with useful facts and information or they may simply be entertaining.  For example I was delighted recently to find one telling me about where

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Unhitch from Facebook

What are Limiting Beliefs?

“It’s not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs as to what those events mean.” Tony Robbins Like chains limiting beliefs can confine and restrict us, they contain us within a certain way of seeing the world which defines what we think,  how we behave and feel and the way in

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What Blocks Us From Achieving Real Change In Our Lives Part 1 – Raising Awareness

Change, wow it’s such a huge subject that I have been struggling about where to begin. There are so many different approaches we could take. There are tonnes of internet sites which can help us full of lists of all the underlying fears which get in our way and all the practical steps we can

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change lives

What Blocks Us From Achieving Real Change In Our Lives, Part 2 – Acceptance

When someone first suggested to me that I “ Just Accept” I thought they’d gone mad. Were they asking me to give in, submit, accept defeat and condone something?  How wrong I was. Acceptance does not mean we are some sort of doormat who just rolls over and takes whatever is happening to us.  It

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What Blocks Us From Achieving Real Change In Our Lives, Part 3 – Kindness

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. Mark Twain When I read this quote I softened a little inside,  I get what it means at a soul level,  I feel it with my heart.  This is the place we need to come from towards ourselves. If you have been

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Why Do We Talk About the Negative In EFT?

“Best not to think about it.” “Put it behind you.” “Don’t dwell on it.” “Keep yourself busy.” “Have a drink and forget about it.” These are all common responses to something unpleasant happening to us. We think that by taking our focus off the problem we will somehow forget it and overcome it. If we

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The Divine Within

Today I sat down for my morning routine with a heavy heart. My daughter leaves home today for boarding school and it has triggered a lot of different and difficult feelings for me. Since I felt so “full” I chose to tap using EFT before attempting to meditate. This is something I recommend as it

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Set SMART goals

How SMART are you?

Don’t give up on your goals yet? When we decide something needs to change in our lives we are far more likely to achieve it if we set ourselves a goal. But you probably already know that! Did you know that it also helps if that goal is SMART? This simple idea will help you hone

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