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What the f___ is going on?

What the f___ is going on? I am very curious about this question. Why do so many people like pages and make comments on Facebook, tweet away on twitter, sign on-line petitions and join mailing lists? What do they think is the point? This pseudo sort of activism, armchair action, has little or no substance

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It happens in nice middle calss families too

It Happens in Nice Middle Class Families Too.

Telling the Truth It has taken me decades to talk about this stuff openly and honestly. To be able to tell my truth without hanging my head in shame. The reason for this is two fold.  Firstly there is the blanket of denial I grew up under and secondly there is what what went on underneath

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Regenerative farming, a way forward.

I believe that few of us are in any doubt now that things HAVE to change, and that those who argue against that are few and far between. Mass suicide Our current trajectory as a human race is going in one direction. Not only have we triggered the sixth mass extinction on earth the craziest

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Change Is Always Possible

Blame, be a victim and suffer if you want to, but you don’t have to, it’s a choice.

When I first heard that I am responsible for the state of my life and no-one else but me, I didn’t like it. Poor Me I was just waking up to the troubled state of my childhood and firmly intrenched in “poor me”.  I had all those terrible things done to me, don’t you know?

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Create space in your life

Do you create space in your life, if not why not?

In the past I could or would not create space in my life. My water tight way of living made sure no rogue thoughts or feelings seeped through to upset things. Some of this began to change when I started working through Rick Brinkman’s Life By Design, programme with a couple of friends. As we tackled our

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Dealing With Your Diagnosis

Were you helped to deal with your diagnosis? Did someone explain it all, the treatments and procedures? Did they tell you the prognosis, or possible outcomes? How did that feel? Did they then help you with those feelings? Is so then I suspect you are one of the lucky ones because my own experience and

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Limiting beliefs

Saving Ourselves From Toxic People

Not always easy, but always liberating. As we change and grow in our lives we may come to realise that some of the people around us are not good for us anymore. Maybe we’ve let them boss us around, belittle us and put us down, maybe we end up drinking too much or taking drugs

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Don’t Give Up

All you history buffs will hopefully understand why I included the photo above but actually it was the photo below, found on Facebook, which compelled me to write this article. I know I am writing as much to remind myself as to encourage you. I need inspired to keep going when times are tough, when

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Another Way Is Possible

There’s One Big Reason the 1,000’s of Reasons Don’t Work.

Apparently creating a blog title with Top Ten or some other numbered list is the best way to get your blog posts noticed and read.  Many of these lists provide us with useful facts and information or they may simply be entertaining.  For example I was delighted recently to find one telling me about where

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What Blocks Us From Achieving Real Change In Our Lives Part 1 – Raising Awareness

Change, wow it’s such a huge subject that I have been struggling about where to begin. There are so many different approaches we could take. There are tonnes of internet sites which can help us full of lists of all the underlying fears which get in our way and all the practical steps we can

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