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Change Is Always Possible

Blame, be a victim and suffer if you want to, but you don’t have to, it’s a choice.

When I first heard that I am responsible for the state of my life and no-one else but me, I didn’t like it. Poor Me I was just waking up to the troubled state of my childhood and firmly intrenched in “poor me”.  I had all those terrible things done to me, don’t you know?

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What is it like to be me?

After watching this Sustainable Human video,  What is it like to be you? (Available at the bottom of this post) I thought about how very easy it is to judge others, to imagine we know how they are, what it’s like for them, to see the outside and think we understand the inside. We don’t. I thought about

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Create space in your life

Do you create space in your life, if not why not?

In the past I could or would not create space in my life. My water tight way of living made sure no rogue thoughts or feelings seeped through to upset things. Some of this began to change when I started working through Rick Brinkman’s Life By Design, programme with a couple of friends. As we tackled our

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Sometimes we just need to leave things alone for a while.

Earlier in the year I planted some turmeric. It’s all the rage isn’t it?  So trying to grow my own seemed like a good idea. Mmmm, seems twas not to be. Nothing happened and nothing happened. Of course, I was tempted to dig around and see; was anything actually going on below the surface, any

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Were you made for these times?

Have you set sail yet? Yesterday I was listening to a meditation by Tara Brach and near the end she read some writing by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.  This writing spoke to me on a deep level. It reminded me to keep going even when times are tough and that I am not alone. There are

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If we look after our hurt places we can change the world.

Sometimes we don’t realise how much we have changed until a situation comes along and we find we behave quite differently to how we might have in the past. That’s what happened to me this week. The rain in Argyll can be relentless at times, as you can hear in this video. My upbringing left

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Can you put yourself first without feeling guilty?

I have been attempting to do this since late last year, it’s a challenge! Human lives can exert huge amounts of pressure at times and occasionally it feels like too much, we get swamped. That’s what happened to me during early winter last year.  Several difficult events occurred in my life and in the life of those

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I could despair and give up, but instead I invite you to read this post and act on it?

If you read no further please at least listen to this: Podcast: Wise Traditions – Vaxxed – A directors commentary and watch this: Film: Vaxxed My blood is boiling and I would really like to let rip on this page giving you a full blown rant about the big pharmaceutical companies and the dangers they

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Letters of Support For Standing Rock

Today is the day I decided to do something,   and I’m inviting you to join me. This morning I watched yet another video about harm being done to the peaceful protesters at Standing Rock. Everyday we are exposed to the painful things taking place around the world. Videos of blood covered children gassed in Syria

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Why I no longer offer a “free” gift for signing up to my mailing list.

Much of our world is based on exchange be it monetary or some other way of giving to get. Capitalism in particular has honed this belief so strongly that many now expect such returns for almost everything they do. We are loosing our connection to something more powerful and enduring that operates in the world

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