Awakening in Argyll

Awakening - in Benderloch

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“We need to wake up!”

I hear this cry on a regular basis as more and more of us come to understand the enormity of the deepening global crisis we are facing.

I believe there is already an awakening happening.  Across the planet individuals and communities are responding to this time in amazing innovative and creative ways. However many of us do not hear enough about it as our media and politics are dominated by messages of doom and gloom, war, and disaster.

Awakening in Argyll aims to part of the positive response to these times, a collective call to action. It will provide a place to learn, to share, and to support each other as we awaken even more to the truth of our times, and as come together to create new positive responses to the mess we’re in.

Active Hope

Writers and activists Joanna Macy and Chris Johnston talk about The Great Turning in their book Active Hope,

“It involves the transition from a doomed economy of industrial growth to a life-sustaining society committed to the recovery of our world. This the third human revolution, the time of The Great Turning.” Active Hope

Awakening in Argyll is part of this Great Turning and invites you to join in.

Through films, talks, discussion groups and workshops Awakening in Argyll plans
to assist in this Great Turning, to initiate Active Hope by providing a safe place for us to come together. A space to connect with each other and with our joy and sadness as we make this transition and find a way forward in our own community here on the West Coast of Scotland.


Awakening has its own Face book pages here , and an active group you can join here, you can connect with what is happening by checking my events tab or by joining my mailing list here.

First Event

Our first event starts as part of fringe week following the Bookends Festival. We are showing Demain   (Tomorrow) a hugely successful and inspiring film which has taken Europe by storm.

All future events will be listed under the events section of this website.